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Shiny Suicune Banner by KalyxArmada
Shiny Suicune Banner
That didn't last didn't it? Hahaha going back to blue. I should rename my name to blue something or blue everything.

Banner I made for the forums I frequent to. I wasn't too happy with the Reshiram Banner I was using (Don't think I'll upload it here). The background was willy nilly besides- yup you guessed it the color.

ALSO, I actually took Suicune's Pokken Render and re-colorized it into its shiny form. I wasn't that satisfied with the ones I found online so I took matter into my own bloody hands. >:3 Turned out well if I may say so.

The quote comes from the new Escape the Fate Album Song: I Won't Break

Yeah... goes with Suicune, no? If only it had Water Absorb LOL. I don't know too much about competitive so I don't even know if that would work for it. <.> 

ANYWAYS..... Hope you Enjoy! ^_^

Suicune (C) Gamefreak
FB Banner: The Light in the Darkness by KalyxArmada
FB Banner: The Light in the Darkness
New Facebook banner because I haven't had the chance to updated it :c

I liked this. Goes away from my Blue theme shit hahahaha. GREEN >->
Its the mood I felt in for the month of January and February which probably will go into March. ._.

The Angel... I do not know where it comes from. The closest I could pinpoint it was League of Legends which I have never played so I do not know if its a character from it. I changed the coloring of it. THAT'S IT. AND I LIKE IT.
This is the original:…

Can't give myself credit for it besides its small modification which is almost nada.
Besides that, the quote comes from Asking Alexandria's new single I Won't Give In.

Anyways I hope you Enjoy! 

Angel -unmodified- (c) toooo.... whoever created it :c
Luna Crest Church by KalyxArmada
Luna Crest Church
Well I had this finished like two weeks ago and now I am uploading it ._. I liked how it turned out, but I really don't have the patience to do detail shit as much as I talk myself into doing so.

Anyways, this is a Church long abandoned in one of my many stories I have written about. This one actually ties up to the previous fantasy points of view of the Butterfly and Castle. They are just in different parts of the region of course. This clearly is no Pokemon so shoo D: haha naw. Still its from my head, My own built OCs and... pretty much world building. =P

I am actually surprised that I forgot to add that bird that you see flying around in the others.... :c dammit.

Wish I could say more, but I can't come up with what. My thoughts are scattered x.x

Besides that, I hope you enjoy ^_^

It's mine alone so no touchy >:c
Pug Painting by KalyxArmada
Pug Painting
Finished this last night *^*. I actually tried making it realistic but I guess my style of art is the... uh, vibrant semi-realistic <_> haha, not that I don't like it, but its my goal to end up more real life.

This painting is a Christmas gift to a person I care for. In this, I painted three of her favorite things: A rubber duck, lavender flowers and her Pug Peggy. Hoep she likes it X3

I regret the duck having such a static pose, but I seriously could not implemented well with the doggy like I had previously sketched mostly because my brush strokes are too thick.. or how I noticed. :c The background could have used some more animation, but I didn't want to take the focus of the dog. 

I am very proud of myself for trying my hardest on painting Penny's fur as realistic as I could. It's hard. So kudos to the artists out there who manage to do such things really well :D

Anyways, I hope you really enjoy!!

Own by moi so no touchy D:<
Lucina: Archangel Armada by KalyxArmada
Lucina: Archangel Armada
I thought I uploaded this too! WTF! >:C

Okay, so, I pretty much use my username from Serebii more of a title here for Lucina, Although I do not think Archangel is the right word I love said word so... shush *^*

This is the very first banner I made with GIMP uncreatively. I mean unlike the Battle! Reshiram Yveltal Banner. This is actually a re-creation of my FB banner made into a banner.

I talking about this one which was made with Pixlr before it crashed:…

Pretty good, huh!? :D :c <.>

Anyways I hope you enjoy my obsession with Blue. Its just so peaceful ;^;
Well, same thing as the last entry I guess. I would properly want to thank the people who favorite the things I upload and I have a lot of those to do ;^; but time gets in the way... time that means "MOVE DAMMIT" and I'm like ;^; mean D:

Okie okie I guess I am sorry :c I still lurk once in a while to favorite things that grab my interest so yay~

To tell the truth I am busy with college and the semester is almost over so I guess I hope I can use the vacation to upload and do the things I need to do here again since I started this account.

I have quite a few banners I want to upload but no time. Seing as I have to organize and see which ones aren't here yet >_>

Which alos brings me to this: I won't be able to do a lot of them like I used to. My computer kinda.... never turned on again and we can't fix it because.. money >:c well not a big issue but its more of an issue deciding if we want a new one or just fix this old timer. I wish my laptop could support the program I use Dx goddamn its annoying. I can't do awesome banners with the current program I am using. Its too simple and limiting.

Yes I guess I am a traditional artist and thats not going anywhere, I just stopped because like always there is no time to draw freely and my imagination hits a wall quickly and Im like... what the hell happened :c and its worse that it has been happening since last year. I can't remember making traditional art in a long time besides that new one I made which is mind blowing to myself *^*

Anyways I guess I just wanted to rant/inform/etc... so.... there you go this is why I haven't done a lot in here :c

Have a nice day for meow *^*


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United States
Hello all! Let me tell you a bit about myself. I'm a really shy person that enjoys drawing and recently painting since I want to see how good I'm with it. Most of my drawings and paintings are mostly about video gaming soo.. :)

Also you can find me at Serebii forums as Lucina Archaelis. :meow:

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