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Miltank by KalyxArmada
Welllllllllllll... I for one don't really like Miltank. It wasn't that hard to beat when Whitney sent it out so naw I iz not on that train. Still.
I got to draw Miltank based on a project reddits' /r/Pokemon is creating. They doing a dex project from different artists. As in all experience is welcome =P

That's how I ended up with Miltank. Would have been nice to have ended with any of my favorites, but mooooooooooooo (See what I did there! :D ) it had to be the pink cow. Nonetheless, it was pretty easy. No harm done and got a bit of more experience drawing freestyle =P =P =P

Had to look up a bunch of references to get to draw. messed up the legs :c. At first it was gonna be Miltank doing a Rollout attack, you know, the one that everyone got killed with at the gym, but I went with Focus Blast. I like that move even though most of my Pokemon don't have it. I just like the color and animation of it in the anime and the games.

Anyways, Miltank is in another piece of paper. Decided to burn a few parts here and there for "battle drama/damage". Her perspective I guess. I wanna do more drawings with flames so that's why it was there for as well. EXPERIENCE.

I MESSED UP ON THAT BIG CIRCLE. Then it turned into "Oh look it looks like the moooooon" hahahahaha.. okie I'll stop :c

Too lazy to remove my reddit username. I don't post a lot of shit so meh. BESIDES WHERE I LIVE FOR THE EON TICKET.

Anyways enjoy! ^_^

Miltank (c) Gamefreak
Four Legends by KalyxArmada
Four Legends
I like how this banner turned out. Once again I am experimenting with things. Sometimes I over do sometimes I don't think I do enough. I'm guessing my style is PUT A LOT OF SHIT ON THE BANNERS. Hahaha I kid, but to me they end up looking nice.

Anyways, this is a banner to at least give me inspiration on a story I am currently writing.... for myself. Shhhhhh I just like doing stories and never finish them >:c Well with this I am all over the place. Wanting to actually finish a story for once besides the one I wrote back in 2007 not relating to Pokemon at all.

I AM RAMBLING. Oi. Yeah okie, this is a story all over the place. No big plot yet besides small plots here and there. Which I know its bad since you are supposed to always have an ending in mind. My mind doesn't work that way ;^; Flack.

Also this four are my favorite legendaries from each version I have owned :P. I didn't put Kyogre there because... no part in the story and he has no neck. Hahahaha. I mean well I couldn't really place it anywhere there so....

Also lots of freaking blue on my things.

Anddddd.... if you ever see some form of AA or KA in the banners, its because its made by me. It's just that I use my Forums Initials more than DAs (whishes to change it to forum name >:c )

Eh, Naw. Anyways Enjoy! ^_^

Pokemon (c) Gamefreak

Lugia (c) Gamefreak
Reshiram (c) Gamefreak
Yveltal (C) Gamefreak
Dialga (c) Gamefreak
Reshiram May Banner by KalyxArmada
Reshiram May Banner
Facebook cover for May.. well for me since I do monthly >.>

I had this saying in my head: April Showers May Flowers. Which in turn kinda inspired me to do this. Also that TCG Reshiram card where petals flow around it. IT'S BEAUTIFUL!! So I added Reshi because of it.

Eh, you are more than welcome to use most of the FB Banners. This one too.

Anyways Enjoy! ^_^

Reshiram (c) Gamefreak
Well, same thing as the last entry I guess. I would properly want to thank the people who favorite the things I upload and I have a lot of those to do ;^; but time gets in the way... time that means "MOVE DAMMIT" and I'm like ;^; mean D:

Okie okie I guess I am sorry :c I still lurk once in a while to favorite things that grab my interest so yay~

To tell the truth I am busy with college and the semester is almost over so I guess I hope I can use the vacation to upload and do the things I need to do here again since I started this account.

I have quite a few banners I want to upload but no time. Seing as I have to organize and see which ones aren't here yet >_>

Which alos brings me to this: I won't be able to do a lot of them like I used to. My computer kinda.... never turned on again and we can't fix it because.. money >:c well not a big issue but its more of an issue deciding if we want a new one or just fix this old timer. I wish my laptop could support the program I use Dx goddamn its annoying. I can't do awesome banners with the current program I am using. Its too simple and limiting.

Yes I guess I am a traditional artist and thats not going anywhere, I just stopped because like always there is no time to draw freely and my imagination hits a wall quickly and Im like... what the hell happened :c and its worse that it has been happening since last year. I can't remember making traditional art in a long time besides that new one I made which is mind blowing to myself *^*

Anyways I guess I just wanted to rant/inform/etc... so.... there you go this is why I haven't done a lot in here :c

Have a nice day for meow *^*


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United States
Hello all! Let me tell you a bit about myself. I'm a really shy person that enjoys drawing and recently painting since I want to see how good I'm with it. Most of my drawings and paintings are mostly about video gaming soo.. :)

Also you can find me at Serebii forums as Lucina Archaelis. :meow:

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What Zelda Sidekick Character Are You?
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I am Mewtwo!

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Which Zelda Character Are You?
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